• Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 4 years ago

    This feels so disconnected from my day to day work as the only designer and only CSS guy. Yet I still feel the pressure to make a Design System and up-to-date docs and manageable CSS and iterative feature ideas. Yeah my company does not have 27 designers, that's more designers than people.

    Just like my relationship with every other big tech company, I used to look up to InVision and the awesome work they put out, and now it just feels like another big faceless (HI IM CLARK FROM INVISION AND I'M IN YOUR EMAIL) corporation that wasn't able to remain relevant to my workflow or my philosophy towards design.

    I know there are some great people at InVision so I hate to poo-poo their hard work, but I know I'm not the only one who feels like the design conversation Invision is driving is no longer relevant to smaller teams.

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    • News TodayNews Today, over 4 years ago

      Follow the money.

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    • Andree Huk, over 4 years ago

      Follow the money! Very much indeed.

      Most companies are small(er), classic 90/10 I would even say. In Germany, for example, most revenue comes from non-SMBs but SMBs provide most employment.

      On one hand, it looks like Invision leaves ample room for a competitor to take their place in that market (niche). On the other you see that bigger companies happily pay more than smaller ones, e.g. what Erik mentioned beforehand: Follow The Money.

      Bottom line: Invision leaves behind the very crowd that helped getting them where they are, have been.


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