Prime - New Design System for Sketch

almost 3 years ago from , UX/UI Designer

Hi! I hope you will find this useful. I will be very glad for feedback in comments!

I would like to share with you new UX Tool I have made:

Prime Design System Kit for Sketch

Prime is a UI Framework prepared specially for Sketch. Thanks to this the kit uses smart techniques to speed up design work. I am sure that you know some products in the category. I have tested lots of them, but none them satisfied me in 100%. That is why I created Prime.

** It contains not only the customizable UI elements, but also charts, vector device templates, UI kit for web and for the first time ever in this category of product - Illustration system.**

A bit more about Illustration system - You can build and customize illustration from ready to use components. Customize them with shared layer styles to match your project brand.

If you are curious how it works here is the QUICK START GUIDE. At the end of the article, you can find offer code for 10% discount for the product.

Today product is also launched on Product Hunt. Feel free to share your feedback there. Thanks!