New Designer Onboarding

almost 9 years ago from Kurt Cunningham, Designer | Developer | Made By Munsters

  • Nick MNick M, almost 9 years ago

    I loved my onboarding experience at this job. The previous job, not so much.

    This is something that I really like doing with Junior Designers. It helps me to be a better mentor, and also makes sure that I'm keeping in touch with all of the projects going on.

    I think pairing them with another designer who has been there for a while is essential. For the first few days-weeks, expect that the new hire will be deluged with everything - the fact that they're at a new job, they may have moved, they're meeting new people and having to learn new names...

    It's better to spread out project introductions over the course of some time to help them acclimate, and be able to piece things together on their own. Give them small pieces of work to start with on each project so they can get a good feel. Don't give them things that are time-sensitive to start (if you can help it).

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