New Designer Onboarding

almost 9 years ago from Kurt Cunningham, Designer | Developer | Made By Munsters

  • Nav PaweraNav Pawera, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    We recently had an intern join our design team. On his first day, the entire design team met him at a cafe near the office (we're a small team of 4). We had some light breakfast and then chit chatted over coffee. Then all of us walked over to the office together, showed him around and introduced him to the others in the office.

    This was followed by some admin stuff and us giving him a rundown of all the projects each of us is working on and also the recent projects we've delivered. Then a game of ping pong and eventually a lunch with the dev team.

    This worked well for a first day. I think it's more important to make someone feel comfortable and at home before expecting anything.

    As we're a small team, it's easy enough to hang around, talk throughout the day and meetup after work — other than this we don't really have much more of an onboarding process. Will be watching this thread for more ideas!

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