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over 9 years ago from KQ Dreger, Design at Patriot Software

  • Jeff SmithJeff Smith, over 9 years ago

    The design looks fine, but I can't identify the value add svbtle provides over a comparable tool like Medium; Medium has a wider readership, comparable writing tools, and a more diverse ecosystem (mobile app), all for free compared to Svbtle's $6/month.

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    • Levi FigueiraLevi Figueira, over 9 years ago

      About a year ago, I had had a Svbtle invite sitting on my inbox for a few months. I was considering a switch from my custom Jekyll blog to a platform with good "web" access (for editing). I was left deciding between Medium and Svbtle. I ended up picking Svbtle for a simple reason: identity. Medium presents the reader with a collection of loose papers, while Svbtle feels more like your own "book" (of sorts). I also really dislike Medium's URLs (nerd stuff I know) and I don't like how, with Medium, it feels like you're content is being clipped into someone else's "magazine".

      I'm not sure I'll stick around Svbtle much longer. It lost its original exclusivity, which was obviously a factor in terms of "validation". I might actually end up going back to my own Jekyll and either find or write my own workflow for writing/editing my posts remotely… :)

      Also, Svbtle's $6/month are completely optional (and just now introduced) and there are still no features that require the paid plan.

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