• Louis EguchiLouis Eguchi, 9 years ago

    This is getting me thinking but all in all sales with me works by trying to do a good job then we get recommended when the clients talks about our work to other people. Who helped you build that etc.

    When I get invited to meet a company I will put a keynote presentation of our portfolio (this is much larger than on our site, a lot of our work is white label and NDA bound) I will tailor the presentation to projects which might be relevant to the business or their clients.

    Sorry I forgot to say who our first clients where. The first where seo agencies and branding agencies people who handled the end client but needed us to build and design, we are slowly handling our own direct clients.

    Starting with agencies first was great because we where cheap and we could help them offer superior development and design that they where not initially setup to offer to their clients.

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