Design Elitism(

9 years ago from Matt Achariam, Intent Renderer

  • Daniel EdenDaniel Eden, 9 years ago

    Fair comment. It is, as I noted toward the end, a bit of a petty thinking-out-loud post. But I am deeply satisfied with my work and the problems I’m solving.

    Yo isn’t an isolated case—but it’s certainly the freshest and most provocative—of tech-bubble money madness, prescriptive to many startup stories. My observation is simply that many designers are working hard at solving incomprehensible problems that affect the lives of generations of people, but that media coverage glamorises get-rich-quick gimmicky startup culture, thanks to the magnitude of its investments.

    In short, I do think it’s funny, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating. I merely wanted to put into words the situation as I see it, as I quite often do on my blog.

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