UI8 Information Architecture Kit now available for Sketch!(news.ui8.net)

almost 8 years ago from Chris Slowik, Co-Founder @ Designers.how

  • Chris SlowikChris Slowik, almost 8 years ago

    Hey Andrew, Clark, and readers, just wanted to mention specifically what we're working on.

    Our layers will all be named and more discretely grouped. http://prntscr.com/3w8siv

    Each screen will be saved as a symbol.

    The artboards currently in the file will remain, for an at-a-glance overview of the included content, which of course could be deleted if not needed.

    There will be new pages/artboards for blank screens

    We'll include instructions on how to save as a template just in case.

    These changes are all currently in progress and you guys will get an email update when the file is updated on the server.

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    • Andrew Michael ToddAndrew Michael Todd, almost 8 years ago

      Really great response to the feedback Chris. Awesome example of great customer service.

      I found the other artboards under additional pages. I don't normally use pages in my wireframing workflow so I didn't even think to check there.

      My bad.

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      • Chris SlowikChris Slowik, almost 8 years ago

        No problem, Andrew! The page thing seems to be a common issue (pages were new to sketch 3 i think, and probably got upstaged by symbols heh)

        Anyway, rest assured this is in progress and we'll push it out asap.

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