Sunrise launch beautiful desktop calendar (

over 9 years ago from Ronan Flynn-Curran, Designer

  • Patrick MorrisPatrick Morris, over 9 years ago

    It's nice and all, but I don't see why I would use it over my Google Calendar.

    What motivates active users to use this exclusively? Now that they have an android app I'm giving it another shot after I stopped receiving their daily emails.

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    • Ronan Flynn-CurranRonan Flynn-Curran, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

      For me, it's the little details that makes this more useful.

      The daily view in the mobile app is much clearer to me, and provides useful things like weather summaries inline with events (temp in morning, eve, night).

      The desktop one handles birthdays in a much neater way than Google Cal,and bubbles up things like avatars and 'event type' icons.

      The various integrations allow you to show things like your Foursquare / Swarm check-ins, to document your week - which I think is interesting; the main thing I loved about Moves app was being able to keep a nice visual log of my travels like this

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    • Jeremy Le Van, over 9 years ago

      Let us know how it goes Patrick. Would love to hear your thoughts after using the Android and/or web app.

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    • Jeremy Le Van, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )


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    • Charlie PrattCharlie Pratt, over 9 years ago

      You can combine all your calendars (iCloud, Google, etc) into one view, and it's gorgeous. The team at Sunrise is incredibly open to feature suggestions, and they churn out fresh betas for testers at a steady but not overwhelming pace.

      Awesome product.

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      • Jeremy Le Van, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

        Thank you so much Charlie for the kind words and support! More to come soon :-)

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