Sunrise launch beautiful desktop calendar (

over 9 years ago from Ronan Flynn-Curran, Designer

  • Mitch Malone, over 9 years ago

    Currently having a terrible first-time experience with this.

    So I click "Connect with Email". I put in my email, I click next. It asks to put in a password. I'm assuming it's to create a password. I put one in, says "Incorrect password." WTF?

    Try again. Nada. I go to my email thinking that they emailed my password to me or something. There's an email from Sunrise. It's marketing related. About the new release. Yeah I get that. I'm trying to use it.

    I go back to the browser tab with Sunrise. I'm back to the landing page for some reason. I click "Connect with Email". Nothing happens. WTF?!?!?

    Then I notice that my facebook photo in the "look who else is using Sunrise". Apparently, when Sunrise first launched years ago, I signed up and forgot about it.

    If it knows that I'm using it...why doesn't it let me in?

    All the work the designers did to make this thing "beautiful" amounts to little if I'm this pissed off before I even get into the thing.

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    • Jeremy Le Van, over 9 years ago

      Sorry to hear you had a bad first experience using Sunrise Mitch. Please let me know how we can correct this.

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