almost 9 years ago from Jonny Garrill, Common Works

  • Eric HuEric Hu, almost 9 years ago

    The amount of comments in here not seeing how problematic these shirts are is disturbing and a reflection of privilege messing with perspective.

    Rap Shirts for WHITE people, one of them being"My Self-Respect Brings All the Boys to the Yard." Oh really, you're going to imply that self-respect is a white thing?

    "I got 99 Problems But Getting a Cab Ain't One" Oh really, you're going to acknowledge that institutionalized discrimination still exists where groups of people don't have access to basic areas dignity and you're going to FLAUNT that saying that you don't have a problem?

    It must be great being white.

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    • Drew BeckDrew Beck, almost 9 years ago

      The self respect one is effed up, I agree. The second one I read as very self-aware and in no way meant to be actually worn or flaunted. The disclaimer on the site saying that "in some cases it may not be appropriate to wear them at all" applies strongly to most of these shirts.

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