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9 years ago from Norman Tran, Interaction Designer at Declara

  • Joe FritzJoe Fritz, 9 years ago

    As the sole designer in a development shop, my personal process is kind of an unrefined version of yours. I don't yet do a lot of the formal "user stories" and "framework" breakdown, but we do spend time discussing use cases, goals for different user types, and task flows. We're mostly missing the written documentation of those things!

    As we grow as a company, we're making more progress in formalizing our design process. We're right now working on growing the design side of our business, so I really appreciate a complete walk through like this.

    Like I said, a lot of the stuff I've seen written about UX design stops at UX and doesn't show the UI that comes about as a result. This article does a great job of that!

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