Tired of "beautiful" design?

9 years ago from Rich Lunghino, User Experience Designer at M&T Bank

  • Vince MeaseVince Mease, 9 years ago

    Couldn't agree more. Is "beauty" testable? No. As a designer who inherited a sales and operations environment filled with bad legacy workflows and a dated visual design, I've seen high adoption and praise for simply releasing new applications in mostly unstyled Bootstrap 3. No one's going to call it pretty but when my users complete more transactions, they're happy (more commission) and so our my business stakeholders (more revenue/less cost), then I'm happy.

    Do we look at visual aesthetic and layer in change in order to improve some metric (transaction time, understanding, reduced error rates, etc)? Of course we do but if it's not measurable and testable, who cares?

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