Tired of "beautiful" design?

9 years ago from Rich Lunghino, User Experience Designer at M&T Bank

  • Adam T.Adam T., 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Kind of sick on this argument. To the end-user, they aren't mutually exclusive, so all the bantering we do about in on forums like this just separates those within our industry into different camps- the artistry vs the analytics.

    Designing an experience creates the interactions and the workflows- hopefully intuitive and natural-, and creating agreeable art to define that cannot be left out.

    Users are so inundated with products - well designed, poorly designed, it doesn't matter anymore- It needs to both work well and look good in such competitive spaces.

    I also think we are seeing a divide between "web designer" (throw mobile/app in there) and "graphic artist" really separating into two camps- something the Dribbble debate surely adds fire to. I consider myself both- certainly learning the ropes of each, but together they complete a holistic skill set. Call it what you want I guess.

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