Tired of "beautiful" design?

9 years ago from Rich Lunghino, User Experience Designer at M&T Bank

  • Pete CorreiaPete Correia, 9 years ago

    Functionality is what makes a product, it should solve one or more problems with the most appropriate solution. I agree with that wholeheartedly.

    But most products are subject to an inevitable problem: being sold and presented in a competitive market. This means that the product will need to provide a way to call attention to itself at some point in the initial contact with a potential user/consumer, or risk not being used/bought and ultimately fail to provide its functionality.

    This is a real problem, and it needs a solution. It's a hard one too, just as a handle will need to fit a hand, the aesthetic qualities will need to fit such things as the target market's perception or desire.

    With that being said, using the word beautiful at this point in time might fail to achieve this. It doesn't help solve the engagement problem as it will not be perceived well, or at all.

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