Ask DN: Working for parents / relatives?

over 10 years ago from EJ Fox, Data Graphics Editor @ Vocativ

  • Achal VarmaAchal Varma, over 10 years ago

    So, I had this uncle who wanted me to build him a website for a new business he was setting up, and I was more than happy to help. The money he said he'd pay me was no small amount, and especially since I was starting college the following fall, I thought I could use the pocket money. He didn't specify a concrete time-frame for the completion of the project. So I worked my butt off building a custom WordPress theme for him. Made all the assets, and worked on that thing for close to 2 months. One fine day, I tried to log in to the server we were developing the website on, and it didn't let me in. I tried calling my uncle, but he didn't pick up my phone, or respond to my emails. Two weeks or so later, I happened to google the company's name and their new website popped up in the search results. When I opened it, I realized that he'd hired someone else to complete the project, but had used all the stuff I had made the for the project, like the logo, the images and the WordPress theme. They hadn't changed anything! The next time I met my uncle at a family gathering, and asked him what had happened, he just shrugged it off and told me I was too slow.

    From then on, things have gotten really awkward between us. I didn't get any money for the work I put in, but my work is still live for the world to see. :(

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