Ask DN: Do you use the Flexbox property?

over 9 years ago from Drew Koch, Product Designer / Prototyper @ Udemy |

  • Steve McKinneySteve McKinney, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    I use it sparingly, mostly for things like equal height columns. I use it a fair bit to change order of elements when necessary. Basically things that if flexbox isn't supported it's not going to majorly break anything. I wish I could use it more intensively as it's great for layout, as expected.

    The things that cause me to use it sparingly is Modernizr detection hasn't always been ideal saying that IE10 supports it (but it is an older version). I know they're going to improve that when Modernizr v3 comes out. Also firefox didn't support the key properties up until recently, which caused me a lot of problems.

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