What is the best design advice you’ve ever received?(youtube.com)

2 months ago from Mischa Vaughn, Designer In Residence - Down Round

  • Robert GrazioliRobert Grazioli, 2 months ago

    In client work, commissioned designs, or user feedback, if someone asks you to you do something that you don't really want to do, or forces you to do something you don't agree with, own it by making it the best version of that thing the world's ever seen—unless it's morally compromising, of course.

    I forget where I got this from, but it's helped me through so many projects and ultimately made me a better designer. It's in keeping with the "design is for other people" mentality.

    I think this is one of the biggest faults I see in designers, and common misconceptions of design. That somehow a design must be the designer's imprint on the world. While developing an aesthetic is certainly a thing, as designers, I think our job is to present our interpretation of the world's ideas.

    I think the whole "people don't know what they need until you give it to them" has propagated this myth that designers are supposed to give people things they didn't know they wanted. When in reality, people know what they want, they just don't have the tools to articulate it, or don't understand what's possible.

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