Prosaic: an intentionally simple, static blogging platform(

1 month ago from John Quealy, Product Designer

  • Luca BenazziLuca Benazzi, 3 days ago

    I may not be a primary target as I would only use it occasionally, as an alternative to Medium, when I need to publish something that does not fit the content of the websites I own. There's two things that instantly turn me off: 1) The monthly subscription. I understand the running costs would be on a monthly basis, and people who want to start a blog may be fine with that, but myself, no way I am going to pay regularly for something that I may use occasionally. 2) Not enough details on the features available, e.g. SEO. Other than that, I did like the tagline "intentionally simple" and I think this has potential. I am not a big fun of Medium but could not find a substitute that would be easy enough to use, worry-free. I could even pay for a tier of article available, but again, not on a regular basis and not too much.

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