• Luke Stevens, 3 years ago

    Jobs theory can be confusing for sure -- competing definitions (as Andrew points out), differing areas of application (innovation to marketing to product), and people pontificating about it over the years without really getting to grips with the core concepts.

    That said, it's an extremely powerful theory because it gives you a meaningful unit of analysis that consultant/client or whole teams can align around.

    One of the best books I've read on JTBD that really captures this point, cuts through the confusion, and makes Jobs theory very practical & tangible actually just came out a few months ago: https://www.amazon.com/Jobs-Be-Done-Playbook-Organization/dp/1933820683

    The author is Jim Kalbach, and he's done a few podcast appearances that are worth checking out too: https://uibreakfast.com/181-jobs-to-be-done-with-jim-kalbach/

    No connection, just a fan!

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