Prosaic: an intentionally simple, static blogging platform(

2 months ago from John Quealy, Product Designer

  • Anmol BahlAnmol Bahl, 2 months ago

    I am excited to try the service but without additional screenshots, I am not willing to pay outright. I need to see the controls for the design, and the settings for domain, if they are available. . If it's just going to be a sub-domain, then what is the incentive to say, switch from Substack?

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    • John QuealyJohn Quealy, 2 months ago

      I am glad to hear that you are excited to try it out! We are still debating on whether or not to support a trial period, but I will definitely work on presenting more of the product on the website this week. And maybe even adding a demo. So stay tuned!

      I realized I didn't even mention that we allow custom domains! And they are actually core to the values of our product. We want our presence to be non-existent on your blog. Unlike Substack we aren't trying to build our brand through our customers. Your content and site are yours and only yours.

      This week we are focused on how we want customizations and theming to work. We actually designed the product so that any SSG theme can be used on our service, but we would probably want to be opinionated about which ones we might offer if we go that route.

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      • Anmol BahlAnmol Bahl, 1 month ago

        hey John, Thanks for reaching out. Absolutely, I am just looking for a focused service with great writing experience and simple domain set-up, customization. A s a product designer, I just want to showcase my thoughts and case-studies.

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        • John QuealyJohn Quealy, 1 month ago

          Yea I found myself in the same situation for creating a portfolio but finally ended up creating something from scratch with a SSG. There are some services aimed at the specific needs of portfolios and presenting case studies., Format, Carbonmade, and Semplice come to mind but I am sure there are ton more.

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