Superhuman Website Review: How not to design a website(

2 months ago from Lauren Holliday,

  • Sebastian MasadSebastian Masad, 2 months ago

    Did the author of this review know something about start-ups? I used Superhuman, I didn't like it, to clarify Im not a fan boy.

    1) since I know Superhuman, they have the same landing page, It's look like they have a lot of work to do.

    2) Still with that "horrible" website (I didn't like either), the get a ton of money on funding.

    3) That website makes enough request access that they can't manage, so they prioritize referrals.

    4) A good UX is that one who achieve the objective, its seems like this website make his job.

    Too much theory and Dribbble, and no business/product orientation.

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    • Lauren HollidayLauren Holliday, 1 month ago


      I do happen to know a lot about startups, as I've had a lot of my own, and I've worked for startups in the marketing department for the last 10 years.

      Re No 2: Isn't that sad af?! It's all about the TEAM and that Rahul successfully founded Rapportive and has loads of YC-like connections. That's why I mention "walled garden." Also, with that much money they should have a legit website. Shows they don't value marketing and just assume they're the best.

      Re No. 3: There's NO proof they have 100k people on waiting list. It only gets 169.9k visits / month, according to SimilarWeb. What would that conversion rate be? It's sad fact that A LOT of startups straight up lie. Not saying this is the case here but I would be far from surprised.

      4) You're on DN. You're not a mainstream audience visitor. This was from the point of view outside this niche tech community.

      not sure I understand last comment.

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    • Charity De La CruzCharity De La Cruz, 1 month ago

      2.) Funding money =/= customers.

      4.) Don't think the website alone actually achieved their objective, it was merely a shell.

      Anyways, the review has valid points. Nothing about what was said is original and can't be done with gmail. Fast email system =/= closing deals faster. But that's just my 2c.

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