Prosaic: an intentionally simple, static blogging platform(

2 months ago from John Quealy, Product Designer

  • John Quealy, 2 months ago

    Static site generators are an "easy" way to start an independent blog or website but getting started still requires a lot of technical expertise. So we started with the idea of removing the overhead of getting it set up by running a hosted version of Jekyll, like WordPress(.com) or Ghost(Pro).

    While there are plenty of options for using a headless CMS with a static site generator, they typically aren't designed to be an end-to-end hosted solution aimed at non-developer users. And their editors tend to mimic a traditional CMS, falling somewhere between a simple what-you-see-is-never-what-you-get and an overly complicated drag-and-drop experience.

    For the design of our editing experience, we have taken inspiration from Ghost (1.0) and note-taking applications like Evernote or Notion because we want it to feel content-focused and personal.

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    • Stefan TrkuljaStefan Trkulja, 2 months ago

      Looking good!

      Just wondering—why do you even position it as a "static site generator"? What if a customer is not a developer? Maybe you could position it differently as a super simple and super fast wordpress alternative.

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      • John QuealyJohn Quealy, 2 months ago

        That is fair, we shouldn't assume that users understand what a static site generator is (or that they need to know at all) but should instead highlight the resulting benefits like speed, security, and portability.

        On one end you get an Evernote/Notion/Bear style editor and on the other you get a reliably fast and personal feeling website.

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      • Dan W, 2 months ago

        Totally agree with this. I know what "the power of a static site generator" is because I built my site on Gatsby/Netlify, but that also means I don't need this service. The target market should be people that want something fast, simple and secure but don't necessarily care what "static site generator" means.

        p.s. Love the website! The black/white simplicity perfectly matches the value prop in the header

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