What the actual heck is Sketch doing?

1 year ago from Andrew C, Design Director

  • Ivan FrantarIvan Frantar, 1 year ago

    Ultimately, we shouldn't fall in love with the tools we use. We should fall in love with the openness to change. If your team is asking for Figma ditch Sketch and forget it. Today I'm using Figma and I really REALLY love it, but if tomorrow comes a new tool and solves a problem Figma isn't, I won't hesitate a heart beat to try it and if this new app is sound, ditch Figma.

    Given the years of experience throughout my career, I feel that all the main design tools have really tiny differences purely for pixel pushing, which means you can pick up any of them and go with zero learning curve. Now, the reason I choose a design tool is how they help me, my team and stakeholders communicate and deliver better and stronger outcomes. Tools like Figma and Miro are doing this today for my product design. Everything else i.e. Sketch, Adobe CC, Invision, Abstract, Zeplin and whatever else, only if for some random reason, I'm requested to use them.

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