What the actual heck is Sketch doing?

1 year ago from Andrew C, Design Director

  • Nelson TarucNelson Taruc, 1 year ago

    Andrew's post is how I felt a few years ago. Sketch was a breath of fresh air compared to Illustrator and others. Symbols really changed workflows for the better.

    Fundamentally, Sketch's bet on Mac only isn't panning out. In fact, the initial reason I switched to Figma wasn't by choice: Our client only had PCs so we couldn't share design with them.

    Culturally, Sketch is a cloistered ecosystem. If you can't afford a Mac, you're out of luck. Contrast that with Figma, which runs on so many more devices accessible to more people worldwide. Figma's ability to build a global community of users, that's the killer feature every other tool is lacking.

    Still, I like Sketch and even though our team switched to Figma years ago, I still root for them to succeed — even if only to keep Figma on its toes, and the market competitive. That said, the hill that Sketch needs to climb gets steeper every day they don't ship the features they previewed a while back.

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    • Benoît ChabertBenoît Chabert, 1 year ago

      Windows compatibility was so underestimated.

      For the entire game industry, that’s mostly what they’re running on so figma made so much sense.

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      • Chinmay Kulkarni, 1 year ago

        Yeah I seriously couldn't understand them being exclusive to Mac (small team, not much time, fair enough). But like the barrier to entry was already set at about $2000 if you wanted to be a designer...

        No clue what their gameplan was for targeting the huge designer base in countries with a lower average montly income who simply cannot afford a macbook.

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