• Martin Ollivere, 3 years ago

    It's been mentioned here already but getting Procreate changed everything for me. I too had the same worry about lag, pressure, texture, paper-feel etc but after using procreate for just a few days I was hooked. I started to really enjoy it once I'd found some brush sets that I really liked using (it's really overwhelming at first). I use these ones most: https://gumroad.com/dizzytara and also these less frequently but they're still very good: https://www.maxpacks.art/. There's loads out there. The dizzy tara brush called sketch oval is my favourite for sketching with because it's better than the built in pencil brushes and has a great shading property when used on the side.

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    • Chinmay Kulkarni, 3 years ago

      Woah, just saw his stuff. Those brushes look quite promising (his art is great as well). I've been drawing a lot more on my iPad since my post. I think it's just been a matter of drawing what I enjoy rather than trying to force myself to do it.

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