Improving Github’s New Design(

10 months ago from Bradley Taunt, Product Designer

  • Florian BauernfeindFlorian Bauernfeind, 9 months ago

    Not a big fan of this. Eye movement is much higher with this redesign. As a coder you frequently check last edited files and folders. To do this you have to jump a lot with this version. Just because you have available space, doesn't mean you have to fill it. ( The default design looks like a list (what it is), your redesign make it look like a webapp with higher complexity.

    Also the brain (at least in Europe and America) is trained to conceive content from left to right ( F shaped pattern -> ). This way I instantly get caught on the information I don't care at the beginning (About section, used by,...).

    You also have way to many characters per line. Not easy to read. Scrolling is nothing bad.

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