• Erik Fanki, over 3 years ago

    I like the concept! My expectation when adding for example something in "Read" was that it would automatically search and fetch metadata, showing author, cover etc. Kind of disappointed that it didn't! If not, I might as well use Reminders. If that was there, I would use it! I would also enjoy the feature of choosing what type of curation I'm looking at.. For books, maybe New York Times Bestsellers etc. Right now I'm not really sure how and why these items are there.

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    • Can Saglam, over 3 years ago

      I honestly haven't thought about the idea of the app fetching metadata. Definitely sounds interesting, I'll do my research.

      For the second point; that sounds like a very natural evolution for the version that I currently have. For now, they're all humbly selected by me; a curation what I find interesting and valuable for app's users.

      Thank a lot for your feedback, much appreciated!

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