8px grid system

3 years ago from Alexis Wollseifen, Designer & front-end developper

  • Alexis WollseifenAlexis Wollseifen, 3 years ago

    (looks like I cannot directly answer comments so here we hare)

    Thank you for your response Richard B. & Richard S.!

    I actually did tried this system for a more "classic web project". And yes, it is way much easier!

    The redundancy of the 8px already creates a consistent visual base. In fact, I focus more quickly on the essentials, without having to check the sizes, spacings, etc.

    It also allows me to work on visual coherence in verticality, which I have left aside so far, for lack of time.

    From a collaboration point of view, it is clearly easier to work with other designers following this simple 8px rule. This rule ensures a kind of "healthy environment" without limiting the creation too much.

    I plan to meet with the development team to present this solution.

    For now, it's a win within our Design Team!

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