Dribbble redesign has launched(dribbble.com)

over 1 year ago from Dominik Schmidt, kreativgebiet.com

  • John Jackson, over 1 year ago

    I actually like the overall vibe. I do wish there were a dark mode. I don't mind having to hover over the images...I feel like this de-clutters some of the UI; if I want more context around an image, I can hover or click into it.

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    • Ken Em, 1 year ago

      You know hovering doesn't work on touch devices, yes?

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      • John Jackson, 1 year ago

        Yep, I'm aware. I'm always open to holes be poked in my ideas and beliefs. I can't say I have ever used Dribbble on mobile, though.

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    • John Williams, 1 year ago

      Clutter wasn't an issue before. Removing the title makes it a slower UX. Some designs are easier to understand with the title next to it. This is just removing shit just to make it look pretty.

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