Best interviewing experience?

over 3 years ago from Taylor Palmer, I do the UX

  • Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, over 3 years ago

    Hi XXx dddoozzaa, thanks for taking the time to respond. Your response, however, isn't reflective of my initial post at all and is pretty disrespectful.

    I hope you don't think it's the same when hiring a junior vs a senior vs a director

    I never indicated that we don't change our hiring process for junior vs a director.

    Ultimately, I want to know how they created their portfolio, if they developed it themselves, how did they go about selecting the projects on there?

    That's an interesting perspective to a portfolio, I'll think more about that.

    Whiteboard challenges? what? You want them to work for free with no sense of what the project and the politics it consists of?

    A whiteboard challenge is a simple, fictional problem that we wireframe together on the whiteboard. This is not work for the company.

    Take-home challenges? Again, you're trying to get free work.

    Not trying to get free work, but I think we've already established in this thread the questionable ethic of doing this.

    "About me" presentation? Do you want another dog and pony show? Quickly answer this, is the person an asshole? Are they rude? Do they not know what they're talking about? Now they have to prove that their attitude aligns with your bias?

    You know absolutely nothing about what we do in this activity, so I'm surprised you feel so strongly about it. If you were hiring a team member, wouldn't you want to know where they went to school? Where they've worked? What they learned there? What they're passionate about in their work? If you're not interested in those parts of my life, then I'm not sure I would want to be on your team.

    You can easily find a good working peer if you just stick to the basics. Is the portfolio good? Do they have a passion for the job? Are they assholes?

    Are you saying that from experience? Have you hired and built a team? Portfolios can be heavily doctored and borrowed from other team members or students. Being passionate and not an asshole are basic characteristics of being a good human, not the only baseline for being a great designer. We have a team of 15 designers and only 2 have ever left the team in five years. I'm not just trying to find someone who can fog a mirror, I'm looking for someone who's as invested in this as I am.

    If I find someone who can walk and talk, I'll be sure to send them your way.


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