3&7 Website(3and7.com)

over 3 years ago from Amanda Saker, Designer

  • Juozas Deksnys, over 3 years ago

    It may or may not be applicable to this site/studio/project or whatever I may call it, but we as creators or users of the internet are at that point, where we have to choose very random brand names and then try to come up with some justifiable meaning for why our brand is called the way it's called. Like "Yo, here's my new 3and7.com site.", "Hey guys, how do you like my ssskd.com design portfolio?"

    Again, not necessarily applicable to this site, maybe there is deep and profound meaning for why you chose 3and7.com as a name for this, but I have been seeing and have myself faced an issue of choosing domain name recently. And choices are always driven by the fact that 80% of domain market is owned by resellers, who try to sell domains for 5000 dollars. I hope at some point in near future it will be made illegal by law to run domain business. It's similar to patent trolling companies who patent random ideas and then try to milk other companies for millions.

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