Best interviewing experience?

over 3 years ago from Taylor Palmer, I do the UX

  • Alf SalibAlf Salib, over 3 years ago

    I know there are very mixed feelings about design challenges, but I have to find ways to understand if designers can think on their feet and if I can work together with them on a project.

    Why not do that by just... y'know... hiring them? Let them show you how they work as a designer by letting them actually work as a designer.

    Too often there are only two possible outcomes of a job application — You're either hired full time or you're not. Why not give them a "paid design challenge" by bringing them in for a small project on a freelance/contract basis, paying them for their time, and reevaluating after the project is finished?

    Both parties actually benefit from this approach, no matter what the outcome is. If it's positive, then you've hired a designer, and the applicant gets hired. Win-win. If it's not meant to be, then at least you got some design work done during the hiring process, and the applicant got a bit of money in their pocket and some more experience under their belt. Win-win.

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    • Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, over 3 years ago

      I like this idea, and we've been considering this from an "apprenticeship" perspective for jr/associate level designers, but this doesn't really work out for sr-level designers. They're looking for high pay and benefits, not a few months of uncertainty.

      The market I'm in (Salt Lake City) is a really competitive design market right now, so designers aren't going to jump ship from their nice design job to possible have a career-ending three month experiment.

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