In Figma, What is your approach to designing for different platforms, Android, iOS, Web?

over 2 years ago from Matthew Ortega, Freelance Interactive Designer -

  • Nelson TarucNelson Taruc, over 2 years ago

    I think your approach is right, one source of truth reference (iOS it seems in your case) and some diff screens as needed for others. One thing I'd also consider are annotation layers, e.g. a layer group for pointing out differences on Android and a layer group for mobile web. Then at regular interviews just duplicate the file like a "design freeze," turn on the Android/Web layers, fade out the iOS layers a little and you have stand-alone guides.

    That way you get to manage just one core file (with two clones) vs. 3 separate ones.

    If you need to hand off to devs, design tokens like Ryan P. mentioned are a great idea, as well as abstracting them out to a separate file but linked to your library(ies). I'm assuming you already have components in a shared library so obviously that is the best approach for managing those.

    Good luck!

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