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over 1 year ago from LX Lavallee, Co-founder @ Growth.Design

  • Personable Man, over 1 year ago

    I got used to the Powerpoint style navigation after a while, and can understand why you chose to use that format. But my initial temptation was to exit the site, due to needing to press a key everytime. And the Bitstrips style character drawings made it feel very 2012-y.

    My suggestion would be to use a dark background instead of images, because a) they don't look good on desktop and b) it reduces on-screen clutter, increases contrast and lets the user focus on the content. You can use a background image to introduce a new section maybe, but the content slides should stay minimal.

    Finally, please include a Table of Contents so users can quickly navigate to the part of the study they're interested in. Not everyone will want to start from Slide 1.

    The same principles apply to Powerpoint design in general.

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    • LX LavalleeLX Lavallee, over 1 year ago

      Thanks for the feedback Man!

      The table of content is something we thought about a lot. (harder than it looks to implement gracefully!) but definitely something to consider.

      As for the images, I agree, we could tone it down a bit so it's less distracting during the read!


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