When to decide your design career is over?

over 3 years ago from Bob Smith, Senior UX designer

  • Bob Smith, over 3 years ago

    Formal design school training plus about a decade of graphic design experience in various roles, mostly editorial design at publications. Since 2009 I've been a UX designer, from junior to senior and even at one point leading a small UX team. I've worked in the UK, Germany and Canada. My UX roles have been very T shaped and I've done everything from user interviews & research to prototyping, design sprint facilitation, and implementing research into designs. My deep-experience on the T would be in the middle, moulding research results into ideas, wireframes and final designs. My experience has been less visual, from my background I'm better with the structure and system rather than the dribbble-worthy gloss visuals/illustrations. (Someone one called my work 'budget'... which given my lack of budget was fair but blunt—I've made how-to motion design videos for $50 and a full Christmas campaign photoshoot for about $150).

    Where am I looking? Across most of Canada... especially the cool parts (Vancouver, Montreal... Vancouver).

    I had another major rejection last week. I've asked for feedback, but I've not heard back.

    Can anyone recommend any of the UX career coaches around? (I've googled names, but I don't know any of the lovely people purporting to do UX coaching).

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