Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN

over 1 year ago from Taylor Palmer, UX @ Neighbor +

  • Catalin CimpanuCatalin Cimpanu, over 1 year ago

    Yes, please, start upvoting things!

    I'm banning as many spammy and self-promo accounts as I can, but that's not helping if nobody votes good content back into the frontpage.

    Also, instead of whining about spam, report the post or ... better yet... give me a shoutout on Twitter (campuscodi) or email (catalincimpanu @ gmail dot com) and I'll have it nuked as soon as I can.

    You don't even have to start a conversation. Just send me the link to the spammy post and I'll know what to do.

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    • Account deleted over 1 year ago

      I’ve been reporting a lot of spammy content. Hope it’s not too annoying of me. :)

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    • Ken Em, over 1 year ago


      Well there's part of the problem right there. DN doesn't have any respect for its users. That's been abundantly clear for a while now.

      Another suggestion, instead of complaining that members aren't doing enough, how about being more proactive regarding spam instead of reactive.

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