"We're going to improve DN" *crickets*

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  • Andrew McWattersAndrew McWatters, over 1 year ago

    I'm stumbling in here from Hacker News via https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21812442 which was posted supposedly 3 hours ago at the time of me posting here, but I swear I saw it pop up yesterday.

    A few observations from my point of view relating to myself viewing DN less, while my reading of HN continued:

    • The move from news.layervault.com to designernews.co was symbolic to me in that a new era of ownership began. I have no judgements about the ownership of the site, but the simple change of the URL was, yes, jarring to me. Small things matter.

    • Notable members of the design community either left (Visual Idiot, et al.) or stopped posting quality content. It's been enough years that I've even forgotten a few giants' names, but would recognize them if I saw them again.

    • My velocity in design work for several years, after 2015 up to now, dropped. I peaked in output after becoming a member of Awwwards and getting featured in a few places, and I'm trying to get myself off the ground again. Has the same thing happened to many other designers since then?

    Do we rely heavily on each other and the zeitgeist of the design world? Not much has changed in the last few years, I've noticed. Maybe I'm out of touch. I would bet heavily on this.

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    • Chris KeithChris Keith, over 1 year ago

      Good context! I totally forgot about layervault. Seems like so long ago.

      I keep wandering back here because of how bad I want it to be good. There’s always design Twitter I guess.

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