Lovingly crafted hand drawn fonts for your projects(handy.graphics)

3 years ago from James Shedden, Designer & engineer

  • James SheddenJames Shedden, 3 years ago

    Thanks very much Ben!

    Currently each font on the site has probably taken 2-3 days max so it wouldn't be too bad — happy to have the motivation to keep up a good pace (that's if someone does sign up to the subscription, which no one has yet as it's just launched!).

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    • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, 3 years ago

      2-3 days for a carefully kerned, localized font? They look good on the site, but I'd definitely want to see the actual font and play with it before buying. Why is all the text on the site images instead of using the actual webfonts?

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      • James SheddenJames Shedden, 3 years ago

        Thanks for the comment Adam — yes, that's about how long it takes. It's worth keeping in mind that due to the nature of the hand drawn style, the lettering itself is very quick to create (for me at least, as an illustrator) and pixel perfection is not the aim (in fact, the lack of it is somewhat part of the charm of this style). I'd say it's about a couple of hours max on the initial vectors & then the rest of the time is spent in Glyphs creating the characters & doing all the kerning.

        You're welcome to play with one of the fonts at https://creativemarket.com/jamesshedden/4317207-Bookplate-%E2%80%94-A-hand-drawn-font using the font preview feature on that page, or alternatively I'd be happy to provide you with one of the fonts to try out. Get in touch at contact@handy.graphics if you're interested!

        My site doesn't use the actual web fonts because that would open me up to people downloading the fonts for free from the landing page, if they know how — that is unless I spend extra time engineering things to make that more difficult, which I didn't think was a valuable way to spend time as part of launching the first version.

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