Why does design for children’s websites have to be so chaotic?(medium.com)

almost 4 years ago from Rachel Brockbank, Digital Product Designer at Inktrap

  • UX ING, almost 4 years ago

    Kids respond to sensory overload. Present them with two screens and they'll pick the more colorful chaotic one each and every time.

    Sure, design the Stripe.com of children's apps. Or keep chipping away at your kid friendly design until you're left with one button in the middle of the page surrounded by white space....BUT as long as those chaotic alternatives are available, parents (who don't post here) in a pinch will pick them over your app each and every time.

    Why? Because kids respond to them better.

    With all that being said...sometimes kids will surprise you and play with a unpainted cardboard box for 3 hours.

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