6 Ways Mario Kart Tour Triggers You Into Gambling Your Money(growth.design)

almost 4 years ago from LX Lavallee, Co-founder @ Growth.Design

  • LX LavalleeLX Lavallee, almost 4 years ago

    So, I've been playing Mario Kart Tour for the last 3 weeks pretty intensively...

    ...Only to realize they heavily used psychological biases to trick users into gambling their money.

    Is this the future of mobile gaming? I'd be really curious to hear you out.

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    • Richard Piperot, almost 4 years ago

      Wow... almost evil. Not a fan of all those pay-to-win games.

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    • Mac Peterson, almost 4 years ago

      Tons of videos are pouring about people spending tons of money...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEMXFRy5GlE

      It's kinda screwed.

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    • Joey Prijs, almost 4 years ago

      Honest question; did it really took you 3 weeks to realise this? 'Cause people have been complaining about this since day one.. (literally; see all the reviews). They aren't even trying to trick you (people except this behaviour and kids these days simply don't know any better); it's blatantly obvious... (remember the lootbox they gave you for finishing the trial? Giant red flag)

      "is this the future of mobile gaming?"

      This has been going on for years... Even tripple-a games have been infested with micro-transactions and dark patterns for years now (Fifa, CoD, GTA, RDR, sadly, the list is endless).

      Even Solitaire on Windows 10 has micro-transactions that allow you to get rid of 30 second ads that are shown during gameplay. That's how normal it became. :(

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      • LX LavalleeLX Lavallee, almost 4 years ago

        Hey Joey! Honestly, I think I was blinded by my own beliefs. I didn't want Mario Kart, the game that I played for so long while I was a kid, to fall into this category of fraudulent casino tactics. But yes, in reality, I saw the whole picture after the first "Tour" ended, when the reset button was pushed.

        And you're 100% right. It has been going on for years... But people still burn massive amounts of money in those systems, so I guess, I wanted to raise the awareness a notch since it made its way to another household name that is supposedly a family game.

        PS: Solitaire... really!? haha

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