Need Help with my online Shop websites and hosting issues.

almost 4 years ago from Niki Yu,

  • Etienne Garbugli, almost 4 years ago

    Hey Niki, You should be able to put multiple domain names on the same hosting package (I have 4-5 sites on 1 hosting).

    I don't know woocommerce or bluehost specifically, but the price point seems fine.

    I would try and make sure you're on the domain itself (e.g. as opposed to a sub-domain ( Looks more trustworthy.

    You should also try and get SSL encryption (https://). Those can usually be purchased through your web host. This is safer for purchases, looks more trustworthy, and is better for search engines.

    Paypal should be fine, but you could probably also add Stripe (look for plugins) for credit card payments (cheaper for people).

    Cheers, hope this helps.


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