All-New Animation Desk(

1 year ago from Marion Gaines, Model and Photographer

  • Rosalind MorrisRosalind Morris, 1 year ago

    Animation Desk is quite fun to use. Excited about the update and curious about what are the next steps for AD? Will there be more features added, or what are some of the things that the creators behind the software want to bring to life? Always curious about what's going on behind the scenes.

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    • Afra Chen, 1 year ago

      Hello Rosalind, my name is Afra, I’m with the Animation Desk team. We are planning on another interface revamp. Our focus in that update will be improving the editing interface and adding new features that enable users to create animations with much ease. Other side projects are kicking off as well. Thanks for your support, we hope you enjoy the new update :)

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