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1 year ago from Marion Gaines, Model and Photographer

  • Charles JonesCharles Jones, 1 year ago

    First time user here. First of all, the update looks good and I'm excited to download the app onto my iPad and check it out! One thing I was wondering is if Animation Desk is easy/fun for kids to use? I'd like to try it out with my 7 year old and hopefully we both enjoy it.

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    • Afra Chen, 1 year ago

      Hello Charles, thanks for checking out the app. If your kids like storytelling and get lots of imagination, they will surely enjoy Animation Desk. With parents help kids can get on the app a lot faster. You can find a lot of awesome videos created by kids on AniZone, our online community. We hope you and your kids enjoy the app too.

      Afra, Marketing PM with the Animation Desk Team

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