So I just spent 80 hours redesigning Tesla's Supercharging UX… in a comic book format(

2 years ago from Dan B, Crafting Meaningful Experiences

  • Fulgenzia Delucci, 2 years ago

    Impressive as always. Great work!

    The part where it shows your stats actually reminded me of a quit-smoking app I used a couple of years ago. It also had a share option to share my progress (doesn't make sense to share that info, I'd take a quick screenshot and share it with my friends from time to time. I think it's similar for Tesla too. Even if I had one, my friends would perceive it as showing off maybe?

    Really excited to see your next case study.

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    • Dan BDan B, almost 2 years ago

      A very legit concern indeed! It’s interesting because as the commoditization of EVs is happening, the window of opportunity to use the gasoline savings as a benefit shrinks. Finding ways to promote that without wasting people’s “social currency” is indeed a tricky challenge.

      Thanks for the feedback! The next one will be quite interesting too, stay tuned!

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