So I just spent 80 hours redesigning Tesla's Supercharging UX… in a comic book format(

2 years ago from Dan B, Crafting Meaningful Experiences

  • Dylan D, 2 years ago

    Hey, I like what you've done with the redesign of the charging screen. It's one of those things that you don't really realize how much room it has for improvement until someone goes and does it.

    I do think that you need to tread carefully introducing some of the marketing/brand building type stuff into the car UI. IMO, the car should have the sole purpose of clearly presenting essential information and controls without ulterior motives. I've already purchased the car, and the ownership experience itself reinforces the brand. There are times and places for this sort of thing, but not in the product itself IMO. If I could get an email or report in the app once per month with the same savings info, that would be a better balance of useful and promotional.

    I do understand the "value over cost" concept, but I'm not sure that a selling technique serves the goal of creating a better experience for the user. When pulling into a supercharger, the key pieces of info that I need to know are how long it will take, how far I can drive on the charge, how much I'm paying for the service. The latter has been demoted in the hierarchy in service of brand building.

    Simple solution: swap the savings and cost figures. I think that the savings message is sort of implicit in the rock-bottom price anyway. That $0.42 price itself could be something that you want to highlight, given that a tank of gas can cost $50+.

    That aside, let's just assume that the promo stuff was a business requirement, in which case I think you did a great job putting the financial and environmental impact in terms that are easy to understand.

    Great work!

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    • Dan BDan B, 2 years ago

      Hey Dylan. That's some amazing feedback thanks.

      RE: Brand: I actually agree with you. As I told @Mac in the previous comments,I probably pushed the "promotion" aspect a bit further than what Tesla would realistically implement in their phone app, but thought it would be interesting to show what can be done to promote word-of-mouth. L

      RE: Email Summary: Love the email summary idea, it was in my original designs and I descoped it. But after getting that suggestion on Reddit and here, I think I'll just go ahead and add it.

      Great feedback, and well articulated. Really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    • Dan BDan B, 2 years ago

      PS: Just added a monthly email summary on Slide #12 to cover your (fair) point.

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