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over 1 year ago from Vladimir Danila, CEO @Linearity GmbH

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    Hey friends! Vladimir, founder of Vectornator here. I started working on Vectornator when I was still a kid (10 y.o) because I wanted to create a graphic design tool that anyone could use, regardless of age or experience. Today, almost a decade later, we're releasing Vectornator X. It's a significant update; the flagship feature is auto-trace — Vectornator will be the first app where your images can be converted into vectors with a single tap.

    In the future, we will take Vectornator to completely new grounds with real-time collaboration. Imagine being able to work with colleagues on the same document in real-time. That's just mind-blowing.

    Hope you like Vectornator X! I'll be here most of the day, shoot me any questions in comments :)

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