Lunacy 4.0. Free graphic software with built-in design resources(

almost 4 years ago from Marina Yalanska, Tech/Design Researcher, Content Writer

  • Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, almost 4 years ago

    opening a sketch file in lunacy is easier and gives better accuracy than opening a sketch file in figma, because lunacy is designed to be a sketch clone (not just another piece of design software).

    also, lunacy can save out .sketch files. again, figma is a FAR better tool for starting design on windows... but lunacy is a godsend if you're a windows user with a mac-based/sketch-based design team. simply put, it opens/saves/edits sketch files directly. this lets me work on my sketch files at home on my pc desktop, or allows any front-end dev or motion designer with a windows machine to open the sketch file and toy around.

    if you are a single windows user, and you're starting a new design, 100% use figma (or, if you're me, affinity designer)

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