Give Your UX Resume a Reboot(

over 4 years ago from They Make Design, Founder

  • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, over 4 years ago

    Granted you could interest any profession in that title.

    I am sure everyone is different. Majority of the UX designers that we hire have to have some design skills. I tend to skim the resume layout to see if the candidate can format a page over what is on it. When we use recruiters, they only care about hitting our requirements regarding years of experience and tools.

    The only time we don't visit your website is if we are trying to hire someone with mid-level experience ASAP and your right out of college.

    We tend to look for is content regarding the project goal and the steps you took to get there. Mainly to see if you understand and can execute UX processes. We tend to ask during the interview insight collected during user interviews and testing.

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