• Dexter W, 3 years ago

    Framer X is the No Man’s Sky of the design world. Until the launch of Playgrounds, you pretty much had to be a React front end developer to build anything worthwhile. And its anti design spending that much time coding.

    Framer X is much better recently for these reasons.

    1. Overrides + Playgrounds make things easier and faster
    2. The React / ES6 guide explains all the technical stuff clearly to non developers
    3. The whole design code dream is starting to make sense. A lot of code is re-usable.


    There are not enough examples yet to handle common UI patterns. It’s not always clear when you should use a design vs code component. Almost any tool is easier to use than Framer.

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    • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 3 years ago

      No Man’s Sky of the design world.

      Nice! :D

      I shamefully admit that even before the very first major update, I already had about 150hrs on it.

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